6 Trends of Christmas Craft Ideas to Sell 2020

December is all about Christmas. You will find everything related to Christmas everyone, from small items to super big decor. Lots of people love starting the crafts during Christmas, they do for self- contentment but some make do for raising money. The Christmas craft ideas to sell 2020 below will make you easier decide which one would raise more money. As the Christmas crafts are not something to put on everyone’s homes but also for gifts for their lovely friends, family or colleagues.

So, let’s check some following Christmas craft ideas to sell 2020 in bazaars, eBay, fundraisers, or anywhere you want:

1. Beautiful Snowy Mason Jar

Source: fi.pinterest.com

You must be wondered that Mason jar is pretty common, especially during the holiday. It is your chance to raise money through it. The decorative mason jars are popular and they never get old. They are always one of most wanted decorative items during holiday and other celebrations. So, no matter what is your decor, as long as you use this Mason jar, you will never get failed.

2. Candle Wicks And Scented Cinnamon Stick

Source: hoommy.com

This is a kind of pottery-barn inspired product, but in cheaper version. There are lots of people love pottery-barn but cannot afford their price, thus they are your target market. The scented cinnamons will spread all over the house while the candle is on. Besides, it is affordable.

3. Snow Globe Picture

3 Source: sonaeuk.com

This is a kind of modern version of rounded ones. People are getting bored of those rounded snow globes, so 2020 will be the time for snow globe pictures. Any decor or small items can be varied according to your creativity, but you just should never forget of the snow.

4. Snowmen Family

3 Source: sonaeuk.com

The materials must available in your home. They are super easy. You just need to cut them on the desired size, paint them and add some decorative items. You must realize that nor does everyone have opportunity or time having the snowmen family for Christmas. So, they prefer buy some. This should be your chance to sell them.

5. Cinnamon Stick Trees

Source: freefoto.ca

This ornament is scented and pretty. Why do we choose cinnamon rather than other materials is due to its scents and its shape resembles the tree well? To get the fast selling level, sell them in a package (which includes three items).

6. Ice Cream Ornaments

Source: za.pinterest.com

Ice cream is surely a resemblance of a fun holiday, though it is winter. The colorful ice cream ornaments will steal kids’ attention in the Christmas bazaars.



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