3 Flower Craft Preschool Ideas for Mom and Kids

The school holiday is getting started and most parents are busy doing home decor. The preschoolers need more activities to make them occupies inside the home as the snow is falling outside. Parents need to have double shot, doing home decor while accompanying their kids to do something: crafting! Yup. Crafting completes the needs of parents and their kids at once. One craft that is worth to try is flower craft for preschool. This activity makes sense. The result can be displayed to the room as holiday decoration. Your kids must be proud of themselves and your guests will not get bored.

Let’s get started:

1. Pool Noodle Flowers

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Start this activity by cutting the pool noodle into 1-2”. Then wrap the wooden dowel rod with a pipe cleaner. Before you stick a pom-pom, you should poke the dowel into the pool noodle. The finished look will be completed by the colorful garden, which is by poking your flowers into the tissue-wrapped styrofoam.

2. The Stamping Flowers

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This is super duper easy but no kids will ever deny its charm and activities follow. The materials are just 6-7 pencils and a rubber band. Wrap all the pencils using the rubber band. Start the fun coloring by dipping them onto the stamp pad. You can teach your kids some art using this stamp. And look how exited they would be!

3. Cupcake Liner Flowers

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This flower craft for preschool is commonly created and displayed at preschool. And you can create them at home. All the supplies are the various colors of cupcake liners, paper stock, glue and a scissor. Practicing this craft can be started by cutting the sides of the cupcake liners. Next, cut off the paper stock into some rounded ones. Glue the rounded paper on each center of cupcake liner. The last, glue the flowers on the paper stock and draw some branches (this one can be created using the cutted paper stcok as well).

Source: drjeanandfriends.blogspot.com

Doing the flower craft for preschool with your kids is believed strenghtening the bond of parents and their kids. Moreover, we are facing holiday season this month, which means you have so many time spending with your kids. That is way possible to create those flower craft for preschool ideas for Christmas decorations. Create a certain display wall to show your kids’ works. This is like giving the personal taste on the big day ahead. You will see how proud your kids are.



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