6 Super Easy and Beautiful Flower Tissue Paper Craft

Party on a budget definitely confuse you a lot. As most of the items are available in higher cost, including the decor. By creating the flower tissue paper craft for, you can save more money. Let’s say, by $0.99 for one package of tissue paper, you can create 8 mini flowers. Magnificent! Just count the budget and the flower tissue paper craft you need to create. This craft is great for any occassion, such as the wedding reception, baby shower, birthday party, Christmas parties, and so on. Since it is super easy to choose the colors. This is kind of safe craft so you could ask your children’s hands to help.

To sort it of, here are the materials you need: scissors, tissue paper and string/ yarn/ twine.

And here are the easy directions:

1. Lay 5 Pieces Of Tissue Paper In a Stack

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Then you cut them down, exactly in the center. So you will get 2 tissue paper flowers later.

2. Fold Each Tissue by Leaving About 1 Inch In Width Of Each Pleat

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3. Tie The Center Of Those Flowers Using The String/ Twine

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4. For Creating The Petal Shape, Cut The Ends Of Each Flower

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The cutting style is according to your taste, such as the rounded tip or triangle one.

5. The Finishing Touch

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This step is bring your flowers to life, which is by separating the ones below and others up toward the center of the flower. Work untill each flower has 5 layers fluffed up. While doing so, be gentle as the papers are easy to tear.

6. Repeat The Steps Gently

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For party decor, it would be best if you create two sizes and various colors of flower tissue paper craft. Arrange them on the wall, on the table, on the aisle, and any other place you like them to be.

Since creating this craft needs a little more time, so you need to spare time rather long before the D-day, starting from the day you count the materials you need, purchase them and start crafting. Besides for personal use, this craft has a potential to be a good business. We all see that most people think the decor party costs too much. While they are able to decrease either a half, they will. And you can sell the crafts based on the customer’s budget and preference. First of all, create for your own and the others will see your creation. And have a blast!



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