6 Worth to Try Paper Plate Craft for Preschoolers

Preschoolers need crafting to build their ability of creativity, patient and precise. Thus, crafting is a great choice to avoid the gadget addicted. Besides having the crafting activities at school, parents should accompany their kids at home while crafting together. They don’t need to super gorgoeous but the togetherness of parents and children truly what it means. The following are some ideas of paper plate craft for preschoolers that you can try with your lovely ones.

1. Apple Collage

Source: mommysavers.com

This is one of a craft mostly done at school around the world. They are used for describing the healthy food or the name of fruits. You can ask your kids to make some at home and adhere them on their room. Sure it increases their confidence level and wish to craft more.

2. Bird Nest Collage

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This is not only for children but the adults may love this one. You can accompany them decorating the nest (which is the paper plate) and the wiggle eyes. The fun of it is you can tell a story by doing this craft. How wonderful!

3. Birds Nest Craft

Source: Pinterest.com

The materials you need are tissue papers and paper plates. This craft matches the spring and summer color, such as yellow and red.

4. Bunny Mask

Source: gmgstyle.com

This is very simple. You just need to cut off the board paper for the bunny’s ears and the make a hole for the bunny’s eyes. The materials you need are the board paper, paper plate, crayon, string, glue, pencil and scissors. This paper plate craft for preschoolers is perfect for Easter. The color of bunny mask refers to your kids liking. So, you need to ask them what color does they like.

5. Cow Mask

Source: craftinginline.org

Just like the one with bunny mask, this one only needs paper plate, scissor, crayon, pencil and string or ribbon to wear this mask.

6. Diving Dolphin

Source: Pinterest.com

Among other craft ideas above, this one is the most creative and fun ever. This craft can be rotated so your kid will see the dolphin dives in and out of the waves.

Creating the paper plate craft for preschoolers means not only creating a thing but building a bonding between parents and kids. They don’t need expensive toys but your love and affection. Try creating intense interaction while doing this project, such as by telling a story behind an easter egg or what does a cow do to produce milk, and so on. there are so many stories to tell.



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