8 DIY Christmas Banner with Duck Tape

Here comes December! A month of festivity and serenity. Stepping on this month, everyone must start creating something for celebration, such as Christmas banner. This Christmas banner completes the look of other Christmas decor. This time, we will talk about creating this holiday banner using Duck Tape. The one with adhesive so you might not look for another glue.

The supplies you need are:

  • The duct tape (choose certain vibrant colors, such as silver, red, white, green and gold or any other colors you like and represent the festivity of Christmas and holiday season).
  • White cardstock.
  • Cutting mat.
  • Wax paper.
  • Scissors.
  • PDF with letters.
  • Ribbon.

And here are the steps of Christmas banner using the Duck Tape:

1. Create The Banner

Source: lovingit.pl

The banner will hold all the letters, so it has to be stabilized and strong enough. In here, a cardstock is a good choice so your banner could hang beautifully. Choose the white cardstock and cut the point of 12” x 12”. For helping you with this, try easuring each side of 2” and draw a line that connects to the center of the cardstock’s bottom. P.S. If you have a craft cutting mat, use it. It will make you easier working with this project as it helps you lining the cardstock cleanly.

2. Peel It Off Your Craft Mat And Trim The Excess Tape Using Scissors Or Ruler

Source: Pinterest.com

3. Start Creating The Letters, Which Is By Taping Down 12” x 12” Square Of Parchment Paper

Source: itallstartedwithpaint.com


4. Start Layering The Duck Tape On Your Parchment Paper

Source: blog.spoonflower.com

Repeat until all the surfaces are covered. Trim here and there if needed and once you make sure there have been done perfectly, peel off everything (make sure the parchment paper keeps connecting to the back).

5. Cut Out The Letters

Source: Pinterest.com

You have two choices, whether you use the downloaded letters or use your own creation.

6. Lay Out Your Letters On The Banner To Measure How It Looks

Source: amzhouse.com

After everything is as expected, start peeling them off to get the patchwork duck tape sticker.

7. Adhere Your Letters To The Banner

Source: Pinterest.com


8. For Giving An Extra Effect, Try Using The Cute Tassel (with bold color and it is applicable for your other craft projects as well)

Source: diyforyou.org

First, take the colored fuck tape in 8” long and cut two more. Flip all the pieces and put the duck tape’s strips on the back. Then cut fringe in ¼” thick. Inside the fringe, tape a ribbon to one end, roll the tassel and secure it with a tape.

And it’s done!



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