3 Considerations to Choose the Warm Living Room Winter Curtains

After having a cold day out, going home seems very tempting. In winter, nothing compares to go home and turn on the lights and the fire, close the curtains and have a cup of hot coffee. The right winter curtains block not only the outside lights but also the cold. Choosing the right living room winter curtains makes your home warmer and more comfortable.

We should understand not everyone has a good taste on home decor, but at least having the right living room winter curtains can a bit heal the cold (both weather and decor).

We are having eagerness to help you finding the right winter curtains so you won’t feel any irritation while going home. Check these following considerations:

1. The Types Of Curtains

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There are various types of curtains and each has different advantages. For living room, the best choice can be curtains on poles as they provide opulent effect. Furthermore, most designs and colors can be found on each type. Besides the the curtains on poles, the tiebacks are regretless. Once you choose the tiebacks, prefer the fixed ones so it would be easier to tie them back.

2. Material

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If you are having voile curtains, you need to add pair of curtains over the top. You might know that the voile curtains fit for summer. Whilst the summer require heavier materials, such as heavy polycotton, velour, and faux silk (don’t try the real one if you cannot stand cleaning them up). Though there have been available loads of designs, but to keep the heat inside the room, choose the fully lined ones.

3. Colors

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The color choices depend on your home’s color scheme. It fact, there are no specific rules on choosing the curtains for living room. Whether they are patterned or not, the bold colors should be considered. The recommended colors are about the warmth bearer, such as browns, rich reds and golds.

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Choosing the right living room winter curtains sometimes needs extra festive looks. Remember that we are having some dinner gathering on Christmas night, or at least small gathering with friends. The cold and gray color outside must be muted by the cheerful and colorful curtains. The lighting and other sparkling decorations complete the look better. The living room winter curtains are about the right investment, go for the good quality ones. After winter has passed, keep them for the next seasons, so you won’t spend money purchasing the new ones every year.



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