5 Basics to Grow the Herbs and Vegetables Mini Garden in an Apartment

Living in an apartment is sometimes challenging, esecially if you need to do vegetable gardening. As we all know that there are not all apartments have their own patio or balcony. In this article, you will get the basic steps of how to start the vegetable gardening in the apartment mini garden without a balcony nor patio.

Here we go:

1. Assess The Light

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Growing an indoor mini garden should consider the light first. It will be fortunate if you have apartment facing the South-ish or having big windows with more than one side. How much a ligh you have will affect your type of plants you should plant and whether you need artificial light or not. For your information, most herbs and vegetables need at least 6-8 hours of direct sunlight/ day. If you cannot supply them, then the artificial light is needed.

2. How You Need To Involve On Your Plants

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Before starting this project, make a plan, including how many times you have everyday in the apartment and whether it is enough to maintain all your herbs and vegetables? Once you can’t, start by planting the mini garden in the kitchen with some pots of herbs. They are easy to maintain and still provide you the greenery look and benefit. Nothing can beat the fresh herbs’ taste! On the other hand, if you need involving into this, get some special tents, CO2 injectors and LED grow lights.

3. The Basic Window Mini Garden

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Windows give your plants the direct sunlight, which they need the most besides the water. Get some containers and put them in a windowsill planter. This is pretty super easy to maintain, as long as you have adequate sunlight.

4. Small Hydroponic

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We are still talking about the simple windowsill garden. This small hydroponic setup makes you able to grow 2-6 plants with LED grow light. To be honest, this setup may be alittle bit complicated than the natural windowsill but the result will amaze you.

5. Indoor Garden With Lights

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If you have facing-north apartment and want to grow some vegetables, is it possible? Yes! The growing tent is the best solution though you need to invest more space and money. For a complicated system, you should invest more than $2,000. You may start saving from now on before purchasing that growing tent. Nothing is impossible. You may be worried of this investment but harvesting your own vegetable must be satisfying.



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