5 Extra Informations of the Apartment Gardening for Beginners

Some people may have desire to grow their own plants, whether for natural decor or else. We can easily find the informations about how to start the apartment gardening without any trouble. All those informations may fulfill your excitement but when to start? You need no worry about the perfect timing. Growing the apartment gardening just needs your investment and maintenance.

To make it sort, let’s describe some additional tips of growing your own plants for beginners:

1. Just Start

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Just do! As beginner, you should start growing the small. Besides growing up your plants well, you also need growing your habit of garden maintenance. Without realizing, growing the gardening habit is more challenging than the gardening itself. Gardening can be supported with additional tools, but your habit? Not that easy. But you can start by growing a small tomato plant or herbs in your kitchen. This small gardening does not such big investment, both in money and time. As time goes by, you can start growing larger one.

2. Automatic Watering System

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Especially if you grow your plants in the pots or other containers since they have limited access to the water. On the contrary, growing the plants on the ground will make them easier to access the water. This is why you need regular watering. If you grow your plants on a windy patio, try using a system. There are some simple DIY watering systems, which are by using a bottle with a wick and a wet strip of fabric of cotton rope. Both systems supply the water to the containers as they come as the bridges between the water source and the soil.

3. Keep The Plants Healthy By Supplying The Good Organic Soil

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You can get them at the garden stores. The reason why you should choose the rganic soil is due to there are lots of micro-nutrients and organisms in it that fertilize the soil and plants. For natural treat, you can use the compost tea or other soil prebiotic recipes. But the commercial fertilizers are good things to do for apartment gardening.

4. Choose The Right Plants

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Since you are about to do apartment gardening, you should avoid growing cabbage, long rooted carrots or else. Take some considerations before purchasing ones.

5. Be Creative

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You may have already understood that there are lots of methods  of doing the apartment gardening, such as hydroponics, containers, and so on. You just need to be creative and not too strick of the rules.



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