5 The Sweet Apartment Decor: Fairy Garden Ideas in Pots

Fairy garden does not only attract children, but also adults. Living in an apartment without having much space to grow the plants makes people creating the tiny things, such as the fairy garden ideas in pots. Creating this lovely and sweet thing is kind of joyful thing to do. Some may think doing this project could be a sweet reminder of their childhood when they play the dollhouses.

Whether you are coming by accidentally or intentionally, let’s get along starting this fantastic project:

1. Mini Gardener

Source: woodporn.cz

The first fairy garden ideas in pots comes within the typical one, provided with small scale plants, the miniature path and accessories/ furniture. They look like a little world. Arrange those supplies according to your own preference and you will get them personalized. Don’t copycat others.

2. Mini Greenhouse

Source: homebnc.com

For creating this one, try locating the tiny supplies inside a large terra cotta. Arrange every small thing as you like. You may take the English garden as your reference.

3. Natural Landscape

Source: Pinterest.com

Besides resembling the actual garden, some fairy garden ideas in pots can even mimic the natural landscape. This idea creates more modern atmosphere around and it seems rather expensive than the usual.

4. Bigger One

Source: blastoffmax.blogspot.com

Do you need bigger one? A galvanized tub may be the best answer to your ask. The flowers may dominate the garden. It is like the focal point is the plant, not the miniature of fairy garden. You even can make them as resemblance of your own home or your ideal home. It is undeniable that having the fairy garden is like having the child’s dream come into reality. Just recall what you really want to have while younger.

5. The Magical Garden

Source: Pinterest.com

This one may be the representation of the world of Peter Pan. Everything is arranged as similar to the ones in the movie. Starting from the miniature of bench, branch, swimming pool, stones, and even the action figures.

Creating the fairy garden ideas in pots in your apartment may cure your bad mood. That is the main reason of creating this mini garden. Sometimes, the urbaners forget of what their dreams as child. They prefer spending their times outside their home to look for artificial excitements. But hey! Time is running. Soon after being adult, you will have a little family of yours, a kid to be exact. And you need to spend more time with. By creating the fairy garden, it is like giving a relaxing therapy to you and your kid and spouse. Be happy in your own home!



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