6 DIY Non-Christmas Winter Room Décor Ideas

While holiday is over but the Chrstmas decor are still exist at home, what would you do? Please don’t put them away. There are still few tricks to reuse your Christmas decor into non-Christmas winter room decor. Changing the appearance without losing its charm is our priority here.

1. Mason Jar Chandelier

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After holiday season is over, the Mason Jar is still on. stick those lights in a Mason Jar. Hang them on the porch to be a welcoming light. This Mason Jar light will never get too old in whatever the season is.

2. Pinecone Glow

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Something related to lights is always heartwarming. This time, the Mason Jar is fulfilled with something snowy but not too Christmas vibe. The scented candle inside will make you more relax running the days.

3. Craft Sticks

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If you think that this is a craft for kids, you could be wrong. This craft stick provides beautiful decor after being painted. The cnowflakes pattern will be perfect for being hung in your living room or bedroom.

4. Try Some Clippings

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Instead of throwing your Christmas tree out, you better make some clippings. Such as cutting some branches to create outdoor entry display. Complete the look with the natural touch of logs and pinecones. These combinations will give you the timeless display outside your home.

5. Switch Up The Wreath

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By adding some fruits will make their look totally different. Some like berries or oranges could be the best choice to start with. Its fresh color automatically enhances your new look of wreath.

6. Lantern Lights

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The rustic lantern design got from the burlap and evergreen branches.

Mostly, people tend to spend more money to buy some non-Christmas winter room decor after the holiday season is over. By means to energize themselves facing the real life, such the working life, deadlines, traffic jams, and others. Holiday is over an so is the holiday decor.

People got to move on. Life is running. By reusing and recycling the holiday decor, it makes you relief for not spending a dollar more. We all know that holiday season is breaking people’s bank account. Whether to buy some new home decor, meals and beverage, prizes, and everything. First, you may think it is impossible having more spare time after, but trust me you will. Those ideas above are not going to waste your time though. They save your time and trash, let along your money. Go get them.



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