6 Most Favorite Winter Themed Living Room Ideas You Never Get Bored

When it comes the December, what is on your mind? Christmas? Holiday? Family gathering? All of those things might be the inspiration of applying the winter themed living room. You may start purchasing a wreath and lights, but you should not ignore the importance of the theme. Once someone is arranging the living room whatever they like, it could be such disaster. Combining the theme or style is another way to have personal touch; but without further consideration, the disaster comes.

Talking about the living room, there are so many things to consider, such as the couch, bookshelves, coffee table, curtains, chairs, paintings, and so on and on. That is before mentioning the wall, which takes a significant role to the entire winter themed living room.

So, without talking stoo many words, here are some ideas to apply to your home sweet home:

1. Pop Of Plaid

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The accent never gets too much. The throw pillows and plaid stockings would be must accents to hang. The look will look more complete yet bold by additional floral arrangement and hanging a luxurious garland. The type of garland should be adjusted to the floral arrangement choice.

2. The Starry Sky Decor

Source: tomorrowskey.blogspot.com

The 3-D gallery wall contains of stars made of wood, metal and paper will enhance your night. Various sizes and designs make your gallery wall more magical. Complete the look by installing the starry lights.

3. Full Of Ornament

Source: hoomdesign.com

The winter themed living room will be looked old and gold by giving the extra ornaments, such as the ones hung in the Christmas tree and along the mantel. For additional treat, put some decorative bowls on the tables around the room. Either make them empty, fulfill with some greeneries or floral arrangements.

4. Fake Mantel

Source: Pinterest.com

While you are getting bored of decorating the actual mantel, choose to fake one. Decorate them with garland and the fake fireplace is made of LED lights. This idea will look great if you don’t have kids at home, nor don’t expect one to be your guest.

5. Chalkboard Gallery

Source: Pinterest.com

Instead of storing your chalkboard to the warehouse, you better put it in your living room with an additional Chistmas touch, such as by hanging the wreaths. The erased chalk will increase the snowy look. Hang this unique gallery above your couch and everyone will love it.

6. Farmhouse Style

Source: obsigen.ru

The farmhouse decor shouldn’t be left behind, such as the coffee table topper, rustic sign, snowflakes ornaments, and so on.



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