6 Trend of Living Room Winter 2020

The arrival of winter is always signed by the arrival of the latest winter trend, including the living room winter. Before getting too late, it is the proper time to equip your lovely hoe with the latest trend. Winter 2020 is the color of soft and warmth that you can apply on the textiles, details, furniture and floors.

These following points will help you discovering the most appropriate trend to your current home design:

1. The Colors

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For indoors, the light blue ranges are coming on trend. But don’t you worry, there are limitless options for the accents, as long as you go with the dark contrast, the earth tones and bright grays. Note that the most popular color this winter 2020 is wine tone. Save this tone for your gorgeous yet mysterious living room winter. Besides, the mix of greens and blues are always inviting to recall the depth of the ocean and the leafy forest.

2. The Materials

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The materials used in winter 2020 are the natural wood. Along with the color trends above, your living room will look great with the existence of aged effect furniture. Besides, other materials to combine are glass, steel and silver tones. These additional materials are used as highlighter or accessories. Thus, for the floor, the stone in gray or brown is acceptable.

3. Three-tone Combination Of Interior Decor

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For example, the living room with black-white and red provides elegant and expensive look. Once you need to combine the tone color to the materials, the shades of green and blue will give the ocean and forest effect. The neutral color that should not be discarded is white. White shades are great for textiles, walls and large furniture as the resemblance of winter or snow.

4. Decorative Style

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The vintage decor is opted first, such as the tableware, telephone, small furniture and chandeliers. Paintings of nature definitely enhance the ambiance of natural compositions. Furthermore, the geometric sets are great complements for blankets and other textiles.

5. The Touch Of Copper

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The metal decorative style provides elegance and vividness at the same time. You can play for it in anything, such as shelves, paintings, vases, lamps, and others. Combine with soft color tones and leather, silver or glass materials.

6. Scandinavian Style

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Cuddling at home on the super comfortable arrangement is to do list while winter. The very pure white textiles and furniture creates wider effect to the entire room. To arrange this style is pretty easy, just find the main key of Scandinavian style, such as combining the the light wood furniture with whites.



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