6 Trends of Winter Color for Living Rooms 2020

How do you describe winter? Will you prefer spending your days outside or inside your home? It is kind of rethorical question though. Most people commonly spend their times cuddling near the fireplace whilst enjoying netflix and ht chocolate, do you? And the charm of living room is reflected by the right choice of winter color for living rooms. By winter, the color should warm up the surrounding, we can mention some colors, such as homey earth tones, rich red, and so on.

To avoid getting lost by choosing the right and the most comfortable one, let’s learn some following color ideas:

1. Creamy White

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This creamy white enhances the classic nuance. This color is suitable for living room having some decors. Some may have colorful decor or wide paintings and getting confused what color to match them well. Now you may see the answer, right? Creamy white is still the best backdrop ever.

2. Mustard Yellow

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This warm mustard yellow is one of the most favorite winter color for living rooms. This color gives a peacefull glow and becomes a contrast to the gray sky outside. And believe it or not, this mustard yellow has capability to lit up your mood. A must try one!

3. Moody Green

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You may agree that this moody green is not something sparkling. Yet, this gives you traditional and serenity into your living room. You can easily combine them with the rch browns and neutral tones. The wooden furniture will be the great companion.

4. Shades Of Grey

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Be careful while choosing this color. There are various shades of grey that would bring dull effect. You better choose the lighter grey with a little silver lining. This combination gives you a feminine look. While you need creating the dramatic effect, go for dark shade of grey with the silver lining as well.

5. Rich Deep Red

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You may being afraid of applying the entire living room wall, but hey don’t worry, is can be applied as accent wall without losing its bold character. Add the same ambiance with red flower arrangement on the coffee table. Your winter may feel more romantic than ever.

Source: Pinterest.com

Soft blue. Contrary to the deep red, this soft blue creates more relaxing ambiance toward the room. This soft shade of blue is calming your other decorations, such as the furniture and the flower arrangement. We can say that this shade is effortlessly beautiful for winter vibe.



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