7 Cozy Winter Living Room Ideas for 2020

December is coming, temperature is dropping. Cuddling inside the cozy winter living room coach is so tempting. Winter, the holiday season, force people to stay at home, this is the right time for you to make sure you and your family have the coziest cozy winter living room to gather.

Applying the seasonal design does not mean absorbing 100% of the season things. There are lots of ideas to go for. Here are some ideas to try:

1. Dramatic Neutral

Source: Pinterest.com

The neutral design has been a trend for some years and does not seem to fade too early. This style equals to simple, chic and sophisticated. In 2019, the neutral trend is combined with the high contrast, such as black and white. Another neutral that you should not ignore is metal. This one gives dramatic look and beautifies your space.

2. Acrylic Furniture

Source: moderndesignforhouse.blogspot.com

This year must be a great comeback for acrylic furniture. This style fits to small spaces, whether to be the main or accent furniture. One of the most popular acrylic furniture is the ghost chair. By adding this kind of furniture, you don’t need to break your bank account as they are available in lower pricing.

3. Large Scale Print Wallpaper

Source: in.pinterest.com

The concept of bigger is better suits for cozy winter living room Your outdoor activities may be limited in winter, but you can bring the outdoors into your home, such as the botanical prints, solid backgrounds, and so on. if big is not your thing, you may go for some stick wallpaper options.

4. Statement Pieces

Source: estetikev.net

A focal point is significant. It beautifies the space around without trying too hard and too bold. Some statement pieces for this winter would be a bold colored sofa, a light fixture, an oversized art, a big vase, etc. Even they would become the super easy conversation starters!

5. Modern Boho

Source: freshouz.com

The general conception of boho style could be over decorate. But by bringing the modern aspect on it, you will get the perfect and subtle pair. You can start by combining the clean line sofa with the eclectic rug or art.

6. Technology In Design

Source: napiernews.info

Technology has become our daily habits. They cannot be separated from human’s life, especially modern human being. Something like a small accent light will give your cozy winter living room look hi-tech.

7. Round Furniture

Source: its-fine.blogspot.com

The curve ones give cozier look to any space. You can start by adding the round coffee table.



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