7 Modern and Classic DIY Chistmas Tree Ribbons

Christmas without its tree is impossible. The gifts that are wrapped and hung need the same attention. The Christmas tree ribbons provide a special touch to your Christmas tree, as if the sign ‘holiday-ready’ is written there. They don’t need to be complicated to create such magical look. The super simple style is always magical as long as you choose the good quality ribbons.

The ribbons should match the theme you need to show, wether it would be rustic, classic, modern, or else. After getting your ribbons, next you need few clips and sharp scissors to work with.

To cover your worries, here are some simple Christmas tree ribbons ideas:

1. Jute Ribbon

Source: curatedinterior.com

This is perfect for those who love rustic theme. Make sure your jute ribbon has the same height to your Christmas tree. The additional decorations may be as simple as the jingle bells.

2. Simple Ribbon Garland

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This is going to be on the center stage, as long as you make it get the look. No theme for this simple ribbon garland. You just need to hang some ribbons around along with the other charms.

3. Ribbon Garland For Christmas Tree

Source: homedecoz.com

The golden wide ribbons are perfect for this elegant and expensive look. Three inches ribbon would be great. Adding this ribbon garland is pretty easy and fun. All you need to do is just by adding them from top and wind around the tree until reach the under branches. Christmas tree ribbons garland can be chosen in whatever color you like.

4. DIY Ribbon Ties

Source: in.pinterest.com

Having no ornaments? Just put your ribbon up! Any type of ribbon has the essential part as the festivity maker. Each branch can be tied by ribbon with a simple knot. Additional Christmas ornaments would be acceptable, such as the pine cone ornaments.

5. Jute Ribbon Garland

Source: setforide.com

This is a farmhouse look that you cannot deny. Its traditional and natural charm affects people around to look at. All you need is just cut the jute ribbons in cut short strips and fold each of them over the strand and glue.

6. Red Tartan Plaid Ribbon

Source: kevinstew.com

For having the festive look, you should choose two inches wide ribbon with wire-edged.

7. Ribbon Bows

Source: designmag.fr

A big accent ribbon will give a holiday statement to your Christmas tree. Avoid being too strick by mixing the patterns of ribbons, such as the solid and patterned ones. Choose the ornaments in similar treatment and you are ready to rock your holiday fever!



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