7 The Vegetables to Grow in the Mini Garden Indoor

Growing up the mini garden indoor needs some considerations, such as deciding the best vegetables to grow. Growing your own vegetables may increase your confidence level. Hey, cooking some meals using fresh vegetables you grow is spectacular and self-healing. Can you imagine after rushing with those traffics, deadlines and irritated clients and you can enjoy having meals at your apartment while looking at your greenery? Such a short cut to the fresh mind and eyes!

To start this project, try these following vegetables:

1. Chives

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This is a kind of very hardy and easy vegetables to grow even in the lower light condition. Chives are good for dipping your potatoes before being cooked.

2. Carrots

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It is possible to grow carrots indoor in the containers. Remember to choose the rights supplies, they are fluffy soil, shallow-rooted carrots and the long planter.

3. Radishes

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Growing up the radishes is similar to growing carrots, means you need growing them on the long shallow containers. Put the containers on the bright windows so they will grow quickly. The great part of growing radhises is they grow all year long. This is such a time saving.

4. Microgreens

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You may think that this is not the real garden but it boosts your mood after having a bad day, easy to grow, and no need special treatments. Plus, these microgreens costs high in the stores.

5. Herbs

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The urban gardeners love a perennial. Herbs are one of the most favorites plants to grow in cities. They are easy to grow and functional. Remember that they love heat so much, so winter, you have to stay them away from the windows. Some herbs you can take as considerations are rosemary, basil, chives, cilantro, oregano, thyme and parsley.

6. Garlic Green

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Some people may call it as spring onions. Have you ever consider growing the sprouted garlic? If don’t, now is your time. Rather than throwing out the sprouted garlic, you better grow them up. The greens that pop up can be cut off and they keep growing for some more. Incredible! The supplies you need are the direct sunlight and container. So, while growing this kind of vegetable, you need to give more light and keep the soil moisture.

7. Garlic

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This one differs to the previous. Although growing the whole head garlic (not the green garlic as stated above) needs a long time, but some people may love the process. They tipically are planted in the fall and will be harvested in the next fall.



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