9 Features to Add in the Winter Bedroom

Which room do you like spending the days at during winter? Some might bet the bedroom! Yup, spending the holiday season in the super comfortable winter bedroom is like morning coffee. Don’t get it wrong, most people love winter. Despite the weather, there are numerous things too preciouse to hate in this season; such as school holiday, family dinner, Christmas parties, and so on.

Thus, your winter bedroom should be warm enough so you could snugle all day long as the nights are longer. Without further chit and chat, here are some preferences to get the warmth yet cozy winter bedroom:

1. The Layered Bed

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In any time, layers are used to fight the cold weather. Be it the layers of bedding, clothes and linens. The fleece or quilts blankets, sheets and curtains are essentials as they keep your body warm.

2. Look At The Curtains’ Materials

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Even the curtain layer is essential to reduce the cold from outside. People may forget how precious the curtain is to keep the room warmer. The thick curtains should be placed to keep the chill away. Besides, keep them in layers helps a lot.

3. Light The Lightings Up

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The lighting is another significant feature to be aware of. The right lighting is able to cozy up your winter bedroom, which the darkness dominates. Light the soft lighting will help.

4. Spread Your Rugs

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You should not skimp on rug on winter. Nope! You need three or four rugs in your bedroom. The floor might be the chiller-giver and you won’t stand on it. Multiple comfortable rugs are the best way to keep your feets warm while stepping on.

5. Consider The Insulation

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Realize it or not, there must be tiny unsealed gaps in the doors and windows, and they spread the chill air from the outside. Be certain to seal them using the rubber sealing or the insulation tape to safeguard your bedroom from the cold.

6. Textures

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This is unquestionably trick to do, which is by replacing all textiles and linens using the fur, tweed, heavy cotton and fleece.

7. Play With Some Winter Colors

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The winter colors are about the warm tones, such as maroons, grey and brown.

8. Dark Color

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We may find it as universal rule where the dark color absorbs the heat. So, by replacing most linens by dark color, you keep the warm inside the room.

9. Move The Furniture

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In other seasons, typically the tables, chairs and beds are placed near the windows. But it should not be there during winter. Do the oppsoite.



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