9 Steps to Grow the Mini Garden Ideas for Balcony or Patio

Growing your own food boosts your mood faster. Most urbans are living in the apartment with no land to grow plants. This is kind of frustating idea by leaving the gardening thing. But, there are some solutions for growing the mini garden ideas in the balcony or patio.

1. Make Sure That Your Mini Garden Is Easy To Maintain

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This is very important since you don’t have much spare time. Besides, there are limited plants to grow in limited space. So, you need to grow the low care ones.

2. Decide The Plants Suit To Your Balcony Size

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Before deciding the plants you need, sketch your balcony and the space you need to fulfill with the plants. By doing this, you can calculate how many plants do you need and what types and size of them.

3. Set A Budget

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This is a very important consideration above all. Balcony mini garden ideas don’t mean spending lower budget. No! There are lots of plants that will cost too much. So, the cost will vary according to the plants you want to be there. Make sure you have done some research to choose some plants that go with your budget.

4. Watering System

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Note that if your balcony is windy and/ or west/ south facing, so your plants need more water.

5. Alternative Watering System

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While you are going out of town, your pants must keep watered. And living in the city eventually cannot count on the neighboor. So, opt the automatic watering system.

6. Check Out The Direct Sunlights

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Every balcony has different sunlight exposure and it affects to the plants. Whether your balcony faces the West, East, South, or North; you must understand how to handle them.

7. Check Out The Regulations In Your Apartment

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Living in an apartment mostly has specific regulations, including prohibition to grow the plants outside the railings, of certain weight of planters, and so on. Before doing so, you have to make sure that your project does not break any regulation.

8. Grow Flowers

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Not only greenery or vegetables, growing some flowers in the balcony should be considered to add some color. The choices vary according to the budget, space and sunlight.

9. Pay Attention To Your Space

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Flower mini garden ideas need to be done according to the space you have. If yours is wider, shribs in the pots can be beautiful. Thus, the climbing plants can be opted for smaller balcony.

So, are you ready to start?



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