3 How to Stay Warm Driving the Campervan in Winter

Are you ready to hit the road with campervan in winter? There shouldn’t be no! As long as you conquer the elements, you will get trouble-free staycations ahead. The most important element is to make sure keeping yourself warm and full. Once you are curious enough to get some more elements to fulfill this winter, check them out:

1. The Campervan

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  • Drive carefully. You don’t need to be in rush while driving in winter. Watch your speed so you can give yourself time and distance for braking.
  • The winter tyres. Before fitting these winter tyres, you must check you tyre and pressure. Before fitting all these equipments, make sure you have read all local requirements and prohibitions since every country has different rule about the winter tyres. For additional, you need the snow chains.
  • Check out your fuel. Make sure they are enough along with the oil and water level. While the lights, wipers and tyres have to be in full working orders.
  • Make sure your batteries are fully charged.
  • Make a research about the traffic and weather conditions before hitting the road. The emergency pack is a must, including the warm cloths, blanket, boots, food and beverage, ice scraper, torch, phone charger and jump leads.
  • Make sure the weight you bring is equally distributed. It is important so your campervan in winter is safe.

2. The Essentials

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  • In winter, you must use propane (LPG) as butane won’t work under 5 degrees C. A gas safety check should be considered.
  • The insulated water carrier cover is a must. This stuff will avoid your water to freeze.
  • Anti-freeze. Add this to the waste-water tank.
  • Grip mats. This avoids you getting stuck in the snow or mud.
  • While your campervan in winter is not supported by the modern heating, you can use an oil-filled free standing operator.

3. Keep Yourself Warm

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  • Put on the heating soon before you are hooked up.
  • Floor carpet is beating the cold floor.
  • Wheel arches.
  • A porch awning.
  • Pull the flyscreens and blinds down. The internal thermal blinds are also great to beat the chill out of the campervan.
  • Wear the layered clothes and stuffs. This is about how you treat yourself and yur partner(s) in your winter adventure. Bring your own warm stuffs, such as the hats, earpuffs, blankets, shoes, and so on.

Source: Pinterest.com

Source: Pinterest.com

So, stay hydrated and warm! Time to enjoy your winter journey.



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