3 What Type is the Most Suitable Heater for Campervan?

Campervan is like a second home. People do their journey on it. But however people make it luxurious or modern whatsoever, it never has a central heating. That is why the heater for campervan is crucial. There are various brands of heater for campervan that you can find in the market.

But generally, there are three types in running: wood, gas, and diesel. Before you buy one, you need to consider these following things:

  • Your campervan’s size.
  • Cost of installation.
  • Obtain the replacement fuel sources.
  • Fuel costs, and
  • Maintenance costs.

Here, we need to describe about those three main types.

1. Diesel Heating

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As you may think, this type uses the fuel from your van’s main diesel tank and/ or electrical source to power the device. Commonly, this type is installed in bigger campervans as they can be integrated for hot water and air. The advantages installing this diesel one are work well in low temperature, easy to find the replacement, low operation cost, space saver (can be mounted outside the van), short time to heat the entire van, and easily regulate the wanted temperature by using a thermostat.

2. Wood Stove Heater For Campervan

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Among all types, this one provides a vision of Scandinavian log cabin. The installation is quite complicated as you need to consult to a HETAS qualified installer. Since it needs to calculate the ventilation, cubic space and size of your van. The advantages are cheap to purchase, cozy, quiet to run, the fuel is cheap, easy to maintain and dry heat dissipation.

3. Gas Heater For Campervan

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The last one is powered by a gas tank or cans installed internally or externally. Though its vision does not as sweet as the wood one, but this is the most favorite style among others, due to its ease and efficiency. Most of the gas heater can be controlled on thermostatic control. If you own a campervan, you need to register your gas heater to a registered gas safety engineer. If you rent it out, it may be a landlord’s certificate. So, the advantages are run efficiently, easily controlled via thermostat, easily find the fuel, advantageous fuel source, heat faster, can be left on at night, and it works for super cold temperature.

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All those types must have advantages and disadvantages. Whatever your choice is, make sure you always install a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide detector.

Safety first, everyone!



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