4 The Models of Kerosene Heater for van

If you are installing the Kerosene heater for van, you have to observe about its safety and danger. The Kerosene heater for van could case such damage if not take the precautions.

To make it sort, here are some dangers that may be led by Kerosene heater for van:

1. Explosion Or Fire

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This is due to operate the heater too close to the draperies, furniture and others. This accident may occur due to the lighted heater accidentally ignite the fuel. The explosion may occur do to the wrong kind of fuel or operate the heater close to the combustible fumes.

2. Burns

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This damage occurs while there is a direct contact between the heater and the combustible clothing. While turning on this Kerosene heater for van, children should be kept away, so as the pets.

3,. Asphyxlation

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This Kerosene heater for van consumes oxygen while burning on. While you operate it in a small room or in a room with inadequate ventilation, it will lead oxygen reducing to the dangerous level. This leads to further effects, such as the increasing production of carbon monoxide. The certain amount of this colorless and odorless gas can affect fatality without warning.

4. Indoor Air Pollution

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The kerosene produces pollutant, which are carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. As people understand, breathing these gas can cause a risk, especially for pregnant women, elder persons, asthmatics, people with cardiovascular disease and young children.

Everyone can avoid those dangers by adopting the safety measures. Before start campervanning, you need to do check and recheck about local regulations relate to Kerosene heater for van. As there are some areas forbid the use of kerosene.


And, here are some models of Kerosene heater for van you should know before purchasing one:

  • Convective heaters. The shape is usually circular with the field tank below the wick. They are completed with the combustion chamber.
  • Radiant heaters. The shape is usually rectangular and used for smaller areas. They have a combustion chamber, a wick and a reflector.

To lessen the danger, you need to do some of these tips:

  • Follow the safety tips. This is usually written on the package box.
  • Maintain a constant source of fresh air. This is very important so you (the user and people around) will not get affected by the pollutants produced by the Kerosene heater for van.
  • Keep every door opens.

Stay aware and be safe, everyone!



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