5 Essentials to Bring for Winter Campervan Trip

Having a little adventure in winter can be challenging yet amazing. Exploring the amazing scenery with limited crowd is something you cannot get in other seasons. But, you migh deal with cold this season. Doing the winter campervan may be freezing but as long as you set up the preparation, you will be doing great in comfort.

To make you covered, here are some tips you should not leave behind:

1. Layer Up

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Doing the winter campervan has similar rules to other winter activities, such as skiing and hiking. To stay warm while enjoying the breakfast or scenery around, you need to put extra layers on. Start your day with some types of the base layers, such as fleece or wool top and legging. They are followed by wearing fuzzy sweatshirt or fleece shirt and sweatpants. Once the weather is getting too cold and snowy around your campervan, you could wear some snow pants to go out. The combination of a jacket and a vest may help either.

2. Puffy Jacket Is Life

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This is kind of number one winter clothing you must have. The lightweight synthetic puffy jacket saves your body from getting cold and frozen. The reasons why this down puffy jacker are must have item for winter adventure are packable, lightweight and great for any temperature. If you like exploring the nature, this one is such an investment. A lightweigh vest will complete your comfort.

3. The Thick Socks

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Sleeping in the winter campervan would make your feet frozen, though you have turned on the warmer. The thick shocks will save your feets. Wear them in layers while doing the camp. The materials should be considered. The best ones are the thick fleece and wool lined socks.

4. A Campfire

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At any time, the campfires always do the favor to save lives. While staying at the camp site or any spot to go around, just start a campfire. Be aware of local restrictions relates to this. Besides, choosing the woods carefully. Before starting the winter campervan adventure, make sure that you have read all the rules and restrictions about woods and campfire since many states have different ones. Make sure you have choosen the driest wood so you won’t create a smoke around the camp site.

5. Accessories

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These mean safety. You could go with at least two hat and glove options. It is wise enough to bring both thinner and thicker ones. Another one to bring is a buff. As they are tiny, you should bring few. They help you fight the freeze as a ear cover, wash cloth, etc.



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