5 Recommended Campervan Portable Heater Brands

Now that the winter is coming, we need to talk about the campervan portable heater. The full-time campervan owners may experience piling the snow while the temperature is dropping. And for the campervan you own, they need a campervan portable heater to suplement its system and have towable heating system.

To sort it off, here are five best campervan portable heater you need to know and own:

1. Optimus H-1322 Portable Electrical Fan Heater

Source: nestcampers.com

This one provides 2-speed option and weights a little over 2 pounds. You can purchase by spending $25. If you have smaller campervan, than this is your best choice as it can be set easily on the floor or any other stable surfaces.

2. Benuo Ceramic Electric Heater

Source: tripcampers.is

This one worths $50 and has some features you may love: 2 heating modes and fan-only mode, multiple safety protection, 90 degree oscillation heating, quiet operation, quick heating and PTC ceramics.

3. Opolar 1500/1000 W PTC Electric Ceramic Campervan Portable Heater

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This one costs $50 and has some features to awe you: quck heating, adjustable thermostat, three modes heater with fan, over-heating protection, easy to use, quiteness and one year warranty.

4. PELONIS Electric Oll-Filled Radiator Heater

Source: fi.pinterest.com

It needs 1500W of the heating power to boost the warmth faster. You will get three power settinggs on it. This campervan portable heater is a little bit heavier than other competitors, which is 20 pounds. Once you need to purchase this one, you need to spend $100.

5. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000 – BTU Indoor- Safe Portable Propane Radlant Heater

Source: Pinterest.com

This heater is perfect for you who fight with the limited power source. This is kind of propane heater that suits for indoors and it costs around $75. This heater is able to heat up to 250 square feet. After showing its quality, it becomes the new standard of campervan portable heater. By using this heater, you will get safe and reliable warm anytime and anywhere. So awesome.

All those products above are not only for campervan but also for boats, and others. You can easily put them on a solid surface to get quick warm and heat during winter without looking for the electricity source at the moment. This is why everyone loves those portable heaters. Those five are among various products out there. Make sure you get the best fit to your need and enjoy every moment in cold weather. Have a blast!



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