5 Things to Know about Campervan Propane Heater

Are you a type of people love cuddling inside your home during winter? If so, you must try a little outdoor activities during winter, such as campervanning. Campervanning in winter is giving you fantastic experience you never thought before. Besides, there are campervan propane heater that will provide warmth and comfort inside your campervan, wherever you are.

In this article, we want to share information of campervan propane heater so you won’t get confused for choosing one fits to your vehicle. The campervan heater is defined as a forced air heater. In another word, while the air temperature is reaching low level on the thermostat, so the hot air will be forced through your van’s vents into all around the living space. As you might know, this hot air is produced by propane using a flame fed; then wave these hot air out of the vents by a blower fan. That is super simple explanation of heater work and components in a heater.

So, if you need to save more dollars but need to install the campervan propane heater, here are some tips for you:

1. Choosing The Electric Heater is Beneficial As You Can Save More Money If You Camp In Some Camp Spots With Electric Hook Ups

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Moreover, if there is no additional electric fee.

2. The Campervan Propane Heater is Way Better

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especially for the boondockers as they use less fuel than the RV furnace.

Campervanning with campervan propane heater sometimes gives you some problems. So, here are some and how to solve them:

3. The Motor Does Not Run

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While this is happening, you may be having electrical issues, such as the furnace fuse, the thermostat, module board or the motor itself. Check these components one by one then.

4. The Motor Runs But Nothing Happens

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While you are hearing the motor is starting but no other noises, you may find a failed sail switch or bad high-temperature delay.

5. The Unit Does Not Light

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There are some possibilities, such as a bad gas valve, bad igniter placement or bugs.

Before going out for winter camervanning, you should know the campervan propane heater you have:

  • Safety first. Invest in a propane detector and a carbon monoxide detector.
  • RV Furnace Cycling. It is normal that turning on the RV furnace takes time. It may need a few seconds and then wait for other 15-30 seconds before the warm air comes through your RV vents.
  • Dusty smell. This is another normal thing as it is the burning off of the dirt, dust and debrist in ductwork and vents.

Propane smell. This is not normal nor safe. Stop the flow of LPG and open all doors and windows, then inspect the LPG for propane leaks carefully.



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