5 Tips to Winterize your Winter Camper Trailer

After doing the adventure with the camper van, it needs much more unwritten cleaning regulations. There are lots of to do list. So you will keep them fresh and sound to be ready for the next season’s trip! Here are some tips to do:

1. Leave Them Empty

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  • Empty your winter camper trailer off the logistics. This is the first thing to do after reaching home. Remove all perishables (drinks, food, and others). Some people may love keeping their canned foods inside and forget about their exsitences after the adventure is over. No, check every cabinetry inside the camper and remove all, including the spices. As they can easily attract some bugs.
  • Remove all clothes and linens. If you keep them inside, they would easily mould. All you need to remove are mattress and seat cushions, curtains, towels, bedding, coats, and kitchen and toilet roll.
  • Take out all electronics and valuables. We can mention things like speakers, battery lights, sat-navs, fairy lights, torches, etc.
  • Remove all paperworks (such as manual). If you leave them inside the winter camper trailer, they would get damaged.
  • Clean inside and out. This is not about regular cleaning service. You need to really make sure that your camper trailer a really good clean, for both inside and out. Moreover, a coat or two of wax is right given this time
  • Before storing the awnings, make sure they are totally dry.
  • The freezer and/ or fridge must be clean and empty.
  • Leave all storages, cupboards, etc ajar to prevent mould and condensation.

2. Top Up The Things

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While all have been cleaned and dry, top up any fluids, including the LPG gas cylinders, engine oil, anti-freeze in engine, the tyre pressure and the fuel.

3. Cover Your Winter Camper Trailer Whiile You Store Them Outside

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Make sure thay have more layers of insulation to cover.

4. Additional Tips

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You have to make sure that all protective systems are working well, such as the trackers, alarms, and so on. If needed, you may add extra security measures.

5. Fight Against Various Animals

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During the winter, it does not mean that your winter camper trailer would be free from various animals, such as rats, mice and spiders. They easily move in your camper trailer in your absence. To do a test whether you have those animals inside your camper trailer, you can put a tiny piece of biscuit on the camper’s floor. If it is still where it used to be, then your camper does not have any visitor.



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