6 Tips to Stay Warm in Winter RV Campers Trip

Campervanning in winter forces the bravery and anticipation. While the temperature is freezing and you still on your winter RV campers journey, you need to stay warm and comfort, moreover if you bring your family with.

To be short, here are some ways to keep warmth in your camper van:

1. Good Insulation

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While doing this trip, make sure your van has good insulation. This trick helps alot to make you stay warm while the weather is freezing, and either make you cooler while the weather is hot. As experienced campervanner once said that the combination of spray foam, polystyrene foam and the recycled denim help alot during this cold. Get the maximum amount and highest value materials. Don’t stop with 1 inch of insulation if you can go for 1.5 inches.

2. Cover The Windows

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Some winter RV campers must have large wrap-around windows. They must be perfect for looking around while driving but not the cold days and nights. All those glass absorb the cold from outside to the inside. Thus, while planning to have winter RV campers trip, you need to grab some window covers. Besides the linen curtains, the additional Reflectix will help you stay warmer all night long. You can buy those Reflectix according to the size of your campervan’s windows. Another cheaper option is by grabbing some sleeping bags, extra towels and fleece blankets. They are the true definition of cold fighter.

3. Warmer Carpets

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As well as glass, the laminate or wood flooring must be the cold conductors. Keep your toes warm and comfortable by picking white fur carpet. In fact, this trick applies for all building stages (especially the ones with the tiles and ceramics). Choose some warm-deliver materials, such as vinyl, carpeting and cork.

4. Hat And Layer Clothes

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Notice that the trip of winter RV campers will get extra cold at night. While you are sleeping, you should wear the beanie, boots, wool socks and slippers. Besides all those types, materials always matter. In winter, save your cotton! You better leave them at home. The must have materials are synthetic layers and wools.

5. Sleeping Bag

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A trick to keep your body warmer during the nights at night is by sleeping above the sleeping bag and layer up with your blankets. If you are okay with a little electricity, try purchasing a heated blanket.

6. Keep Your Tummy Well Hydrated And Fed

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Eating can help in the cold weather. So, make sure your meal stocks before start driving your campervan.



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