6 Various Cheap and Efficient Campervan Heater

Camping during winter can be fantastic. You won’t see the crowded roads and people, so you will definitely get more space for lots of fun and adventure. The main issue for campervanning in winter is the cold weather. This is how we should deal with. We have to look for the campervan heater that fits to your van and your needs. For extra cheap and simple option, you may come with the portable campervan heater. It provides such a compact package of instant heat.

Here are some types of portable campervan heater that you can choose:

1. Fan Heater

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This one is simple, cheap and small. After the outdoor walk or done skiing, having yourself in an instant warmth inside your campervan is all you need. This fan heater works by blowing out the warm air, so it also produces some noise. Another advantage is that you can control them via thermostat. The brands you may consider are Igenix and Warmlite. Both of them are able to stand or lie on the solid surface.

2. Ceramic Heater

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This is an upgrade level of standard heater. It provides very affordable price but safer and more efficient. Furthermore, they are less dangerous as they use a PTC heating element, which won’t go red-hot if something exists in the airflow’s way. The brands are including the Pro Breeze and Comlife 600/1200W heater.

3. Plug Socket Campervan Heater

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This is more compact among all. It is 400W and provides safety cut-off and adjustable thermostat. Before purchasing ones, you need to check and recheck wether they fit to your socket or not. It means, it needs more space to the side and below of the socket, so make sure that there are no obstacles there.

4. Halogen Heaters

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Honestly, some of the halogen heaters come in unreliable one. This one provides glow, which is the halogen lightbulbs. It works well directly in front of them. So, you won’t get warm enough the entire van. The brand that is recommended for this type is 400/800W Igenix.

5. Carbon Heaters

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This one is rather similar to the halogen one, which is by using a lamp. But this provides you warmer air. Their height may be really tall for most campervans. And the recommended one is 1000W Steba Veito.

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Oil free radiators. This campervan heater has aluminum or ceramic inside. So, they are super safe and silent. But sometimes they come in bigger in size and weight. The recommended brand is Dimplex Baby.



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