3 How to Choose the Right Outdoor Curtains for Sweet Escape

While the weather is warmer, it might be a perfect to leisure outside your home. And the outdoor curtains are the compliments to have such breezy leisure time. The outdoor curtains give accents to the deck, gazebo, balcony, pool area, porch and a spot in your backyard. A regular nook can be transformed easily become a special spot to get more privacy and relax. Any design and material of curtain may be okay for any nook but you need three important considerations:

1. Block The Sun

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What do you want to do in your nook? A little retreat perhaps? Yups. The fresh air and sunlight may be the best cure of any kind of trouble. But don’t let too much sunlight disturb your lazy time. Choose the darker and heavier fabric. Besides blocking the too much sun light, the darker and hevaier ones are able to protect you from offensive bugs and citronella candles. If you need a superior weather resistant fabric, you can go for a Sunbrella fabric. This is claims to block all residue coming from the animals, trees, food spills, weather and UV rays.

2. Create Your Privacy

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Having a gazebo can be beneficial for you who are tired of getting in terrific traffics and deadlines. You need a me time after stressful days. If you need getting secret outdoor spot, you must take the heavy materials on. but on the other hand, if you need gazebo in style then you can come up with the transparent ones.

3. Enhance Your Mood

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The sheer material of outdoor curtains would be great for you who love the romance style. These materials enhance the warm days. Though gauzy outdoor curtains are not durable, but they provide mood boosters and it worths every penny.

Choosing the right outdoor curtains is more about your own mood and feeling. What you want to create and what you want to do there. Those simple questions answer everything. Thus, you always can add some accessories, such as the boho accents, exotic pillows, quirky lanters, and so many others.

Furthermore, for DIY lovers, you may create some crafts, such as a tie-dyed sheets, stenciled tableclothes, and so on. you can spend your leisure time while crafting something and listening to the natural sounds. There would be a great theraphy for you and whoever you want to be there with you.

So, don’t worry to add a little personal touch to your retreat spot. Be happy!



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