3 How to Maintain and Clean the Curtains Winter Insulation

Is it a must to buy the curtains winter insulation? And why? Some people may still be confuse of what the real deal of this insulated curtain and how does it work. The curtains winter insulation are made of an acrylic coating that is applied and heat-seated at the backside of the fabric. So, they are able to create a seal between the window pane and the fabric itself. The level of effectivness is affected by the right installation. Before installing your insulated curtains, you should understand that most heat or cold transfer happens because of the air gaps between the walls and the curtains. So, you need to overlap the edges of the curtains until reach the ground.

If you have already had the (older) curtains, you should not throw them away when the winter is approaching. There are varous ready-made thermal curtain lining that will easily be attached to your old curtains. And they work perfectly similar to the curtains winter insulation. You can try finding these thermal curtain linings around and see the ones suit to your liking.

You need to be careful of the maintainance and cleaning system. To make it right, check these tips out:

1. You Need To Open The Curtains Winter Insulation Occasionally To Prevent Moisture

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The moistured curtains just build up the mildew.

2. You Need To Hang And Spray Your Insulated Curtains With A Spray-on Upholstery Cleaner

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Finish them by vacuum.

3. Don’t Wash Them In The Machines

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except there are some products that aloow this activity. Just dry clean them, if necessary. You just need to make sure that the process is non-immersive.

Most people love installing the curtains winter insulation during winter is because they are energy-efficient. They prevent the heat or cold transfer and save more energy. People understand how the energy-efficient windows are super costly. Without barrier, the air and sunlight will easily flow into your room and it creates the air conditioning units work unstable. It is like being forced pumping up and it costs higher. It is said that the heat loss are up to 25% of your cooled/ heated air. People on a budget prefer the curtains winter insulation. Besides, these insulated curtains are available in various styles and colors that can be fitted to the owner’s preference. And more, these insulated curtains are able to produce the R-rating that is even better to the energy-efficient dual-pane windows. So, which one will you choose then?



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