3 How to Save our Planet by Using Heavy Winter Curtains

The coming of colder season means you need to get prepared. While the cold weather slaps you outside, all you need is the warm cozy home. Some people may not be aware of how the homes without heavy winter curtains can be extremely damaging environmentally yet costly. This issue has been the awareness of local government and other environment socialists. They have spread all the impacts of environmentally damage caused by the household consumption during winter, the heater by all means. Even more, there are some parties report that over 70% of household energy consumption during winter running three-bedroom has been exceeded the rent payment!

To save our planet, we need to save more energy by doing some following tips:

1. Use The Heavy Winter Curtains

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By using the insulated curtains, you prevent losing the cold and heat. You can easily warm up your room without running a heater. As you can see, the gaps on the windows and doors are flowing the heat or cold in and out over time. By using this insulated curtain, it means using the multi-layered fabric. To get extra warm effect, you can add extra layers of microfiber. Besides its main function as a environmentally friendly warm-saver, the thicker it is then you will get it more luxurious and elegant. Moreover, they are also noise reducing and block the lights during summer. So, it works in all seasons. This is a must have item for every household.

2. Keep The Heavy Winter Curtains Shut Every Night

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It aims to maximize the heating. During the day, open them up and absorb as many warm and sunlight as possible; but the the dusk fall down, go get them shut immediately to save those heat inside. According to some studies, the most optimal temperature for sleeping is 18.5°C.

3. The Door Heavy Winter Curtains

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You need maximum coverage to keep you safe and warm inside your home. The door curtains are said way better than the draught excluders, which only can provide the bottom seal. And you can see that the door curtains provide the coverage of all gapes.

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Having the heavy winter curtains allow you to be closer to the traditional way of life. It is undebatable that most modern people tend to seek for super ease. But by installing the heavy winter curtains truly worth the penny. Move your hands to open or close them everything the night or morning is greeting.



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