4 How to Choose the Energy-Efficient Curtains for Winter

During the winter, you might keep your room warmer than the outside. Choosing the right curtains for winter, it means you get the energy efficient curtains. Whether you choose the layered one or a single heavyweight textile, you might make sure that they are thermal curtain. Since, as we all know, thermal curtains blocks the cold air from the outside and keep the warmth inside the home.

To help you out with this complicated issues of finding the right curtains for winter, here are some tips to choose:

1. Choose The Fabric Or Materials

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You must see that not all materials are suitable for blocking the cold air. Such as lace, linen and sheer cotton. They are air-flowing materials that suit for summer, not winter. On the opposite, choose the heavyweight materials, such as tapestry, velvet, tweed, denim and suede. If you prefer the medium-weight fabrics, you can go for canvas or cotton blends. Those materials can be layered to keep extra protection.

2. Take The Insulated Curtains

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Applying the insulated curtains for winter means blocking most of the cold air from the outside. These insulated curtains might contain of some layers, starting from a high density foam. So, the cold will never enter the indoor. Another material of layer is a vapor barrier coating, a reflective film layer and an outer covering. You can count on them so much.

3. The Layered Effect

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Besides creating an effectively warm inside, this layered curtain allow you to have such a stylish look over. By hanging two different curtains at once, you drag a lovely style. Let’s take an example by hanging the solid heavy-weight material and completed with the patterned fabric. At least, you will get two or three layers and it mostly makes you get the warmer room inside.

4. Curtain Installation Basics 101

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This is according to the statement of the U.S. Department of Energy, which by the right installation, the curtains can reduce the heat loss by up to 20%. So, the right installation is by adding a cornice over the top of the draperies. It creates the cold air cannot flow through the gap between the ceiling and the curtain’s top. Moreover, install them as close as possible to the windows.

Installing the curtains for winter is pretty easy, as long as you follow the tips above. You don’t need to purchase various items if you have those primary stuffs as mention on above tips.



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