5 How to Stay Warm with the Curtains for Winter Insulation

These days since the global warming issues have become the real deal, save-energy is being campaigned by most governments and energy companies around the world. One campaign to reduce the energy-used is by installing the curtains for winter insulation. The inefficient heating system affects to the energy-saver all around the world, especially those having four seasons.

For households, the cheap and effective curtains for winter insulation are always delighting. To make you easier find the shortcut to get the real deal of cheap bill while having a warm house, here are some tips you should not skip:

1. The Tin Foil

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Heat loss creates higher electricity bill as it forces your radiator working unstable and ineffectively. You can solve this issue by attaching the aluminum foil behind the radiator, which is in the external walls. This is just like how the mirror works; they bounce the heat or cold back into the room. You can find the aluminum foil for £10. And you can even use the kitchen aluminum foil, though it could not be as effective as it used to be.

2. Thick Curtains For Winter Insulation

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This is another cheap option to prevent losing the heat and cold through the windows. The thicker, the better. There are always some ways to do things, such as by creating your own thermal lining, which is by lining your curtains with the materials like PVC shower curtains or cheap fleece. Besides the windows, the doors also need to be installed with this layer of protection.

3. Let The Sunlight Enter Your Room

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During the days, let the sunlight enter. Absorb as many as natural heat as possible. So, during the days, open up all the window shades and curtains. Then, close them right after the dusk falls. It keeps the natural heat inside longer.

4. Double Glazing

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We are talking about a rather costly one here. If you can afford it, then do it. Start by putting a special film across the single-glazed windows. Repeat them even to the lesser degree. The way to attach this film is by using the double-sided tape and hairdryer. For a pack of special film, which is about covering a medium-sized house, worth £15. If you have them well-maintained, they could last longer, for about two or three years.

5. Don’t Lost Your Heat Through The Chimney

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The modern people commonly use fireplace as a decorative, not as a heater as it used to be. And while you forget about how they should do, you probably lost the heat through it. To prevent this issue, put a chimney balloon installed inside the chimney hole that worth £20



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