5 Tips to Improve the Winter Curtains for Living Room

Realize it or not, the household issues of the temperature are rising. The common issues, such as having colder room, the monthly electricity bills are getting higher, having the cold air in specific areas, and so on. Those issues relate to the winter curtains for living room and other rooms as well. While experiencing those, you need to make an evaluation, whether you have done the right insulation. In winter, no one can refuse the insulation to keep the home warmer. But if it happens, it means you need some improvements.

Here we are discussing about how to improve your winter curtains for living room and others well:

1. Install The Insulated Winter Curtains For Living Room In The Attics and Surrounding

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Science says that the warm air rises. By installing the insulation in the attics, you will keep the heat air bounce back to the room while reaching the roof. And some research, reported by the U.S. Department of Energy, the attic installation can reduce the electricity bills for almost 50%. Can you imagine that? This is a pretty wise energy investment. In addition, other areas need to be insulated are the exterior walls, basements, room additions and crawlspaces.

2. Replace The Screens Of Your Doors and Windows

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The screens are perfect for spring and summer as they let the refreshing breeze enter the room easily. But it is a big no for winter. You better replace them with the solid glass panes. The right time to replace is the late fall, right before the winter is approaching.

3. Think About The Window Upgrade

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The old and single-pane windows are great for letting the cold air enter your home. In another word, they are not energy-efficient during winter. You better replacing them with triple-pane windows. Or if you cannot afford them, try keeping up by covering your old ones with plastic sheets. Pay more attention to the proper installation as it influences how your windows work.

4. Think About Your Gaps Around The Doors

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The cold air may flow through the gaps of your doors as well, certainty before being insulated. You can seal around them using a protective seal.

5. Thick Curtains

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Curtains are not only a good accessory but also a good cold blockade. The insulated winter curtains for living room are a must. They come in affordable price so everyone deserves having ones.

Stay warm, everyone! Enjoy your winter holiday.



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