4 Kitchen Cabinet Color Idea with Black Granite Countertops

Having the kitchen with the black granite countertops and white cabinets means working on a clean slate. They are the most basic color so you can apply some of the kitchen cabinet color ideas or choose some combinations. Besides those basic color and appliances, the wood flooring also works best for working on.

Although having them is relatively easy to work on, but you need some guidance below to help you working on the right track:

1. Give A Little Shimmer

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The kitchen cabinet color ideas to complete the look of black granite countertops are silver accessories and hardware. This is due to the composition of black granite is including the small flecks or silver or grey. So, bring these compositions into reality, such as by adding the brushed nickel knobs, stainless steel handle pulls, and so on. Those silver or gray accessories are decorative against the black solid granite. Give it a try and you will love the way it combines each other perfectly.

2. Touch Of Perfect Color

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Put on the colors over your countertops. The red-painted appliances are most chosen for completing the black solid countertops. You can find them in the coffee pot, toaster, mixer and others. If you love bringing the natural color and nuance inside your kitchen, you can work on the metal bowl full of lemons. The contrast colors boost your mood better. Besides those appliances, try adding striking color decorations, such as wall hangings, linens, bowls, and so on. Trust me, they will fit harmoniously.

3. Color Variety

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The kitchen cabinet color ideas will create perfect blend between contemporary and warm ambiance as long as you define the right complement accessories. Something like wooden bowls, wicker seating, and wrought-iron dish racks, live greenery, pottery and cotton windows are bringing softness and warmth to your overall design.

4. Tile Backdrop

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Install the tile backdrop above the countertops and cabinets to create architectural interest. The tile is completing the look of white cabinets and black countertops. You better choose the metallic, white or glass tile to keep the design modern and crisp. Hence, if you need something neutral and warm, you can simply choose the beige, tan or brown tile and wood flooring.

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Bringing the kitchen cabinet color ideas into reality sometimes bringing the drama all around. Whether it is about defining the right accessories or appliances to complete the look, or just how to deal with monotony itself. It is okay, just be courageous to do a little change and look what it looks like!



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