5 Kitchen Organizing Shelves Ideas Inspired by Marie Kondo

Kitchen organizing shelves have been changing its former hacks since the Tidying Up with Marie Kondo was seen on Netflix in last January. It is said that organizing needs to focus on what truly sparks joy for people’s lives. This TV show was based on her 2014 book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. By introducing her KonMari method, she has been inspired so many people around the world. The method is simple, which is by only keeping the items that spark joy, toss any other else, and organize them by category.

At first, practicing KonMari method for kitchen organizing shelves may feel a little bit complicated but it is worth to try.

1. Drawer Organizer

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Without being organized frequently, the drawer can be the clutter-central. By following the rule of KonMari method, you need to use boxes to categorize and separate items. The size of boxes are referring to the size of your drawer and the items inside.

2. Kitchen Organizing Shelves

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You will never know how the crowds are fulfilling the shelves fast. So, this MariKondo method make use of baskets and shelving system to keep everything pile-free and neat, though you have kids at home.

3. Dividers

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It was used to be the hardest part to do the MariKondo method for kitchen appliance. Nope, you should not say it loud while you have known about the dividers. They can make all your bottles in order, so as the can racks for any kind of jars and cans.

4. Paper And Mail Organizers

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In the kitchen, who do still store the cookbook instead of the tablets? Yes, cookbooks still have people’s heart. You can organize them by getting them out of the envelopes or the plastic cover and put them on the drawer. Divided according to the ones you like the most.

5. Christmas Decoration Organizer

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December is the month of Christmas celebration. And everyone knows the Christmas decorations vary in size, and they are used once in a year. You can store them in the storage boxes with clear panels. By them, you will see what you have for the next Christmas so you won’t purchase the same things. So, you save money and time at a strike.

Kitchen organizing shelves inspired by Marie Kondo offers you the easy days ahead. At first glance, it needs extra effort but all after, you will enjoy having those tidy and clean kitchen and home.



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