6 Super Easy and Beautiful DIY Wall Decor in Living Room

Creating a super cozy but full of statement wall decor in living room does not mean breaking your bank account. There are various DIY that you can follow with full of ease. This time, we will give some tips to reuse and recycle objects in the surroundings to create beautiful wall decor in living room.

Let’s check them out:

1. Iridescent Mirrors

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The colorful mirrors creates the real statement in your living room. The best part is if you have them in wooden trim and hang above the wooden fireplace. No one denies its charm effect into your room. Besides creating more lively charm, it makes your room feel larger. And though they are fulfilled with wooden aspect, you still can call it as a modern living room.

2. Display The Small Objects

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Do you have empty bookcases? Play them along with the small objects, such as colorful books, sculptures, decorative boxes, and others. This additional display will enhance the entire look of your living room.

3. Dipthycs

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The diptychs wall decor in living room can be got by hanging two works in a line or side by side. You may recall that the gallery walls do the same. All you need is just measuring the wall, the size of the arts, and the flow of your living room. Don’t forget to be precise.

4. Bookcases

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This is very easy yet unique idea to be a wall decor in living room. No matter what objects are stored there, it keeps bringing a statement toward a living room. A wall-to-wall bookshelf is both a displayer and a statement. The small objects, antique glassware, books, vases or anything will look good and unique displayed there. They speak louder about the things you love or care about.

5. Statement Paintings

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You only need one statement painting to make your entire living room feels awesomely different. You can hang it above your coach so everyone will easy to see. I know, this may be not the things of recycle aspect but you must make it one of your wall decor in living room. Before choosing the one fits the most, you need to correlate it to your current walls, floors and ceiling.

6. Alternative Framework

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For example, the unframed black and white photos. The unfinished look of an object drags youthful look. Complete the look with metal clips to make them stay where they are. Besides photos, posters also work well.



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