6 Unique and Cheap Wall Decor for a Living Room

While having a home with full of blank walls, you should start looking for the style you prefer. There are some wall decor for a living room that you can choose from, such as the unique wall hangings, artworks and decor. Before start going over, put in mind that purchasing something new is not the only one to find a perfect wall decor for a living room.

You have creativity, so it is your time to create something for something you call a home.

1. Sport Equipment

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Feeling weird? Yes, the sport equipment can be your personal statement. If you love skateboarding, you can display them against the blank wall. But if you think that your favorite sport does not have beauty to be displayed, then you can go with large mirror to hide those empty walls.

2. Alternative Arts

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Talking about art does not mean something traditional or vintage. For chic wall decor for a living room, it is better to choose something dynamic, such as sculpture above the side table or fireplace. The blank wall above the fireplace can be placed the television, mirrors, or colorful paintings.

3. Large-scale Paintings

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Hanging this as a wall decor for a living room creates a modern visual vibe. It is a perfect statement for a living room. The bigger, the better. It is allowed hanging more than one paintings in a living room, as long as you consider the placement and designs. Do not be too monotonous.

4. Create The Gallery Wall

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Some people may don’t feel comfortable with the random paintings, so this organized one will suit them. Hanging your arts and paintings in perfect alignment can be a signature above your sofa. Just make sure that it meets the exact measurement so it creates an equal space between each other.

5. The Cornered Arts

Source: 100hdi.blogspot.com

You may have some paintings, photographs, or prints but does not have any idea where to hang them all? Try get them bold by creating two large frames and each is fulfilled with different works of art. Hang them side by side on the corner. These two frames of arts will connect the space.

6. Decorative Wallpaper

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Source: defundtheitu.org

The decorative wallpaper layered with an art or painting, is it okay? Yes. Be brave to do something uncommon. To create a louder choice, you should choose the different pattern and colors between wallpaper and the painting. Trust me, this contrast will attract more attention than you imagine.



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