7 Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for Space-Saving

Kitchen is commonly problematic. There are lots of considerations before remodeling, including the space-efficiency and functionality. One of the most difficult part of the kitchen everyone have to deal with is the kitchen cabinet, let alone the corner kitchen cabinets. There are loads of kitchen cabinet ideas out there but to see more specific on the corner ones, you need to do more research as well.

Below are some corner kitchen cabinet ideas for any type of kitchen:

1. 90 Degree Angles Drawers

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The first idea is in this case, you need to install two handles in each corner drawer. The 90 degree angles drawers allow them to be molded around the corner. By installing this kind of drawer under the kitchen counter, you save more space in unique and better way.

2. The Diagonal Cabinet

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This idea is made for you who do not like the idea of 90 degree angles drawers. This design is more practical. In this diagonal cabinet, you will see room for small appliances above the counter, the drawers at the bottom, and few open space cabinet at the top. For additional, you can install some counter in the left side.

3. The Open Shelves

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This one is perfect for you loving the open shelves to display your stuffs and create larger space in the kitchen. You can start by installing several shelves so the open pantry is created. You can make them be framed by the regular cabinets on the other sides. So, you can get two sided shelves.

4. The Swing Out Cabinets

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These ideas are great to save more space and maximize the storage capabilities. This one suits to any kitchen design you own. Besides, this one provides easy access to the shelves and their contents. We can call them reachable as ever.

5. The Wall-mounted Cabinets

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Besides having the already done cabinets, you can do some transformations, long as you are able to install the wall-mounted kitchen cabinet ideas. Since then, try looking around your kitchen and find if there is an empty space to be attached by additional shelves as well.

6. The Tall Corner Cabinets

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This is suitable for fulfilling the space above your kitchen counter. The best materials to this cabinet is wooden shelves with glass panels. So you will get easier finding what you need.

7. The Curved Cabinets

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There are so many options to choose, such as the open shelves, the pull-out drawers, and the lazy susan shelves.



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