7 Life Hacks: Kitchen Organizing Cabinets

Making your kitchen tidy and clean is easy, but keeping them for a long time needs some more efforts. As we all know that kitchen always has certain attraction that attracts the member of family to hang around, waiting for the good food, chatting around, and enjoying the time after getting tired of the day’s activities. The kitchen organizing cabinets are there to help people getting kitchen ware tidy and organized for longer times.

While your kids love getting messed up with everything, by getting these hacks, you will get some ease. Check them out:

1. The Kitchen Tablet

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If you have an old tablet, hang them on the wall. It can be an upgrade version of the calendar and cookbooks. By doing this digitalizing, you can save more space beautifully. This idea is perfect for modern home design.

2. Roll Out Pantry

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Look around your kitchen area and find if there are some unused spaces between the wall and refrigerator. By having one, you can use the roll out pantry to store the boxed as well as the canned goods vertically. It can be a little hidden treasure.

3. An Additional Kitchen Island

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The kitchen island is always great idea for having both extra storage space and place to eat. If you have bigger family or having family gathering often, then this one is a must try.

4. The Drawer Inserts

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By adding the drawer inserts, you will make the kitchen utensils well-organized. As long as we already know that most people are not storing their kitchen tools and utensils well, instead they are throwing them in haphazardly and it causes the ineffective use of space. The inserts will make you easier to sort and reach each utensil, tools, etc.

5. Reorganize The Fridge

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There are some ways to keep your fridge organized, they are by keeping the cool temperature, keeping the humidity, storing the seafood and raw meats on the bottom shelf and wrapping them properly, decluttering crowds, storing the leftovers in the glass containers, do not chop the food, do not mix the vegetables, fruits and meats in the same crisper, doing the fridge rotation, storing milk on a middle shelf, and keeping the fridge clean.

6. The Collapsible Wine Rack

Source: oppressionquest.com

This one is good for storing bottles. You can place them on the lower shelf of your fridge. You can add some as needed.

7. Bamboo Steamer Basket

Source: dekormimari.com

This one is perfect for storing the onions, garlics and shallots.



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