8 Create the Cool Living Room Wall Decorations

There will be no ends talking about living room wall decorations. And people keep looking for further information relates to it. Living room is the face of our house. We appreciate the guests, gather with family, do the chit-chat, and so many others in there. After entering our front door, our guests will be pleased in there, and they usually look around the room to find whether there is something attracts their attentions.

To create positive first impression to the guests, do some following living room wall decorations ideas:

1. Framed Hand-drawings

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Aside from the photographs and paintings, the hand-drawings should be put on the gallery wall you made in your living room. The reasons why choose this hand-drawing is because it gives you strong character with its rawness. It creates sophisticated ambiance. Don’t get it wrong.

2. Photographs

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The old Photographs of your family remain being hung but with a little touch of art. Those black-and-white photographs are framed and placed in your gallery wall. Arrange them artistically.

3. Prints

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These are kind of affordable living room wall decorations. You may go online to find various original paintings and prints with affordable price.

4. The Large Objects

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The large objects are easy to see. Something like the piece of wood will be the gorgeous statement in your living room. You can simply lean it against the wall. The unexpected idea is always interesting.

5. Leaning The Artworks

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The artworks do not need to be hung to look impactful. The undone feel is similar to the unfinished pictures. Both bring raw look and it makes them bold yet strong. The bigger artwork will work better as it just needs less effort to clean. The small ones are optional to complete the look.

6. The Statement Mirror

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Anything works best with mirror. Whatever the style of living room wall decorations you are going to make, mirrors are irreplaceable. There are loads of mirrors you can choose from. Instead of the functional ones, the statement mirrors are great deal. The sunburst mirror is one of a kind that you can choose.

7. Illuminated Artwork

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After defining your artworks before, this is the time to give additional lights to them. The illuminated artworks give another level of home decor. You will find them more sophisticated and luxurious.

8. Stacked Books

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This one is recommended for a bookworm and make sure no kids at home. Your book collections can be a cool decor.



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