8 Smart Kitchen Organizing Ideas for Small Kitchen

Kitchen organizing sometimes causes resentment. Thus if you do not have any hack or idea to do them correctly. As we all know, most family use kitchen for a place to have company, besides cooking. No matter what size they have, but the clean and functional kitchen might get better after right organizing. Kitchen organizing can start making use of every cranny and nook.

This time, we want to share some kitchen organizing hacks and tips to make them easier to do and faster.

1. Carve Out The Niche Of Spices

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Spices are essentials for cooking. As they come in petite packages, they need a lot of space. This issue can be done by mounting a spice rack onto the inside of the cabinet door. This hack allows you having more storage space inside the cabinets for others.

2. Magnet

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The cabinet doors can be used as the additional storage, which is by using the magnets. Make sure you choose the strong magnet to store knives.

3. Magazine Holders As Freezer Shelves

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This is kind of no effort hacks. Just put the magazine holders inside the freezer shelves to store flat-ish items.

4. Over The Sink Cutting Board

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Choose the cutting board that fits over your sink. This kitchen hack saves your kitchen from getting dirty after slicing and chopping the vegetables, fruits and other dishes. Besides, it is great for saving space and hiding the dirty dishes whilst the guests are coming around.

5. Labelling System

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Labelling is always interesting when it comes to kitchen organizing. The labelling style can be done according to the organizing style you have. If you put the jars on the drawer, you can put the labels on the tops.

6. Openable Cabinets

Source: kidkraftvintage.blogspot.com

If you run out of wall drawers and cabinets in your kitchen, why don’t you create more? You can just create one beneath your kitchen sink or under the base cabinets.

7. Hanging Pots and Pans

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Actually, this tip had been used for people for years. In this modern era, this tip still works best for small kitchen space. By hanging the pans, pots and other cooking utensils from your kitchen ceiling creates additional cabinets. Make it stylish by using the decent set of cookware.

8. A Curtain Rod For Storing Lids

Source: homewallpaperhdx.com

This is one of the simplest tricks to add the kitchen storage. Simply just mount a curtain rod on a certain spot, and voila! Your lids are safely organized.



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