8 Wall Decor Living Room Ideas for Tiny Space

Finding the right wall decor living room ideas suit for tiny space is not that easy. We might find most the tiny apartments do not have wall decor. Their walls are empty. To help you find out the small wall decor living room ideas that bring big impacts to the whole design, here we go:

1. Wall-mounted Planters

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Besides having the greenery at home, you can see the beauty of its green color. Just make sure that you create the right arrangement, such as by hanging the sleek and space savvy succulent above the coach.

2. Fashion Wall Hanging

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It is the right time to bring home the bold piece inside your home. The tiny space is also worth of the visual interest in it. You can buy or make it by your own. The main purpose of it is by creating some bold colors on the wall.

3. Take All Your Favorites

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The wall decor living room ideas are about displaying your personality and hobbies. If you love music, display your guitar collection on the wall with wall-mounted storage hooks. And you will love how it works there.

4. Hats Hanging

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Here, we can start by using the storage hooks. Besides hanging umbrellas, they can create unique decor by hanging the hats. You may see this kind of arrangement in the studio of textile artists. Just try. You will never regret this artistic arrangement.

5. Corkboard

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This one is suitable for you to hang some photos based on your mood. You can change them anytime with anything. So, it is easier to play with visuals. The most suitable person for this corkboard is the one having the mood-swing.

6. Picture Ledge

Source: sonaeuk.com

This is the affordable way to show off your favorite objects into an art. You can choose the size that fits to your space so you won’t get it too large in any case.

7. Book Display

Source: decorpad.wordpress.com

A well-styled bookshelf also becomes one of the most lovely wall decor living room ideas that fits to small space. On the other hand, a big bookshelf is great for space-divider and statement in a living room, but in the tiny space, you need to choose wall-mounted bookshelves better. As long as your favorite books are well displayed, then it should not bring any matter.

8. Play With Paint Pens

Source: Pinterest.com

This is such a fun project to do while you have spare time at home. You can start by using a piece of cardboard and paint pens. Create your own statement wall.



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