4 How to Choose the Front Door Colors Fit to Red Brick Walls

These days, people tend to choose the bright door colors to complete the look of red brick wall they have. There will be always some reasons why modern people are still in love with the red brick home. They are earthy and warm. To complete the look, choose the one with similar tone. Here are some exterior paint door colors that will never fail:

1. Dark Blue

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The darker colour provides fresh look to the old style home. You can apply them on the siding and garage doors. For the trim, you can choose cream instead of white. The cream color works better for farmhouse style as they don’t look harsh. To show the clean and bright nuance, the porch roof also should be painted in white either.

2. Beige and Black

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This gives you harmonious palette that blends together. The black shutters always look great and crisp in the exterior. You are even able to make such a color statement using this black.

3. Cream and White

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For Classic Colonial, cream is a must. You can start by applying the cream color for the trim, garage and Columns. Cream color works well than white as they blend in perfectly to the brighter look outside. You can combine them with black shutters. They look amazing.

4. Avoid The Fresh Colors

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You must admit that the fresh Colors don’t work well with the red brick wall. If you need to add some fresh color, try replacing them with the lower tones. Red paint will never get fit to the red brick wall, and so other fresh colors, such as bright greens, ocean blues, etc.

Exterior is not only a real display of our home. It is a representative of our personality and how we will welcome our guests. By getting the welcoming exterior colors and inviting door colors, you play your own part beautifully as a homeowner. Make them comfortable and serve the best you can do. Treating others good will define your truly beauty inside.

In any season, the exterior color always influences the mood of the visitors and the homeowners. Their vision is reflected by what the they feel. To avoid creating such gloomy home exterior, the muted and dark colors should be avoided, except you combine those colors with something lighter. Talking about the red brick wall, you will find it is super easy to create mix and match. As they show the natural color of brick, so you can combine it’s beauty with the natural colours as well, such as the color of wood, etc. They will never fail though.



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