4 Live Up Your Room with these DIY Wall Decor Inspirations

Most people are becoming most enthusiastic facing the New Year. Tendency to try something new and different is a popular phenomenon, not to mention changing the DIY wall decor. Creating this project is simply wonderful. You can do the most simple one, such as adding the furniture and houseplants, etc, to the most intricate one.

In this holiday season, creating the DIY wall decor projects are the best way to get your kids attraction right and keep your bond strong. While talking about the DIY wall decor, you will find loads of terms, materials, arts, shapes, and so on.

Due to there are numerous kinds of DIY projects you can do, this time we will give you some easy ideas to start with:

1. DIY Floral Initial

Source: Pinterest.com

This kind of project is adorable and can be a statement at your home. You can hang it on the living room or any other. To start doing this project, you are free to choose whether need to add the frame or not. Everything is about your preference and style. Besides for initial, this DIY Floral is great for other complete words and hang them everywhere you like.

2. DIY Circle Paper Punch Art

Source: gloopla.com

If you are confusing of bringing which DIY wall decor to hang inside your home, then the circle paper punch art gives you easy instruction as they are super easy adjusted to be fit in any room you want. For example, if you want to hang them on your kids’ bedroom, then the one with bright colours and patterns should be chosen. On the other hand, for bathroom, you can choose the one with blues or neutral colours. This is one of the most recommended projects you can create with your kinds as all you need is just paper punching and gluing.

3. Thumbtack and Tape Wall Art

Source: huyennhontrach.com

These household objects are beyond imagination how they could turn something into beautiful DIY wall decor. The gold color will give you Egyptian feels around. Just do some experiments to get what you really like. As they are so simple to create.

4. Rope Word Signs

Source: columbus72.com

The outcome of this little project will be sweet and pretty. Some may even look expensive although you create it by your own hands. The trick is simple; arrange what word or sign you need to create and how it should look. The next is your creativity to run.



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