6 Flower Landscape Arrangements for Small Lawns

Who does not love flower? Besides being a statement, flower comes with the beauty that completes the entire home. The flower landscape makes us want to lay closer to the nature. Flowers always bring its beauty and charm. In this modern world, flowers have been grown and displayed as the accessories rather than the living thing. But, they remain living beautifully close to us as a symbol of Mother Nature.

The flower landscape arrangements are various. You can enjoy their scents as well as their colours. Here are some ideas to apply at your home:

1. Flower Garden Ring

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This is creating a centerpiece in your garden. By arranging this flower garden ring, you need to choose from the largest and most eye-catching flower in the middle. You can continue the arrangement by the circle and layers. They will attract your guests and friends.

2. Knot Flower Garden

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It won’t hurt to create a mini version of a knot Flower garden. This fancy labyrinth garden will make you own an immaculate garden as seen on television and novels. Try planning the mini labyrinth garden for your lawn and what type of flowers and green hedges to plant there.

3. Petunia Flower Borders

Source: gardenista.com

This is the unique and unusual way to plant a flower. Besides planting the pink flowers in respectable arrangement, you better plant them on the planters as if they are spilling to the floor and create a look as if they are growing themselves on the ground.

4. Large Oblong Flower Bed

Source: shairoom.com

This flower landscape idea is perfect for you who have huge lawn in front of the house. Separate some flowers according to each color. See the magic happens then.

5. Flower Garden On an Old Truck

Source: amzhouse.com

This is if you have an old truck and never feel willingness to sell it, then this is idea is for you. Planting the flower garden on an old truck to create a unique centerpiece will never fail. The short roundtrip at your own lawn will speed up your memory lane. Enjoying the tea, flowers and stories behind the old truck from your parents are worth to wait.

6. Cinder Block Garden

Source: tr.pinterest.com

The unusual planters create unique and beautiful flower arrangement to be honest, and one of them is the cinder block. The gray cinder block becomes the best complement of colorful flowers. This combination creates balanced atmosphere. The arrangement should be considered better so they won’t disturb the entry way.



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