7 Original and Cheap DIY Desk Ideas for Working at Home

If you have chances to work from home, having the comfortable desk is one of the best things you should get. You must realize the home office furniture affects your productivity and creativity so much, that is the reason why those working-at-home people will do some DIY desk ideas to boost their comfort. Whatever the DIY desk ideas you choose, you need to make sure that the desk provides both productivity and comfortable.

There are various types that you can go for, such as a closet desk, a corner desk, and others that fit to your home office space. And, the best of all, since you make it by yourself, you create completely original.

So, here we go:

1. Pottery Barn Inspired

Source: cinaweeds.club

This time, all you need is the corner desk and a pair of wooden file cabinets. The first step is you need to paint the cabinets and desk in white. Continue removing all the legs and hardwares from the desk. And you have done!

2. DIY Standing Desk

Source: googodecor.com

This kind of DIY desk ideas is perfect for small home as they are space saving. You can purchase some of the IKEA tech to get some stuffs to start on this project with additional palette, and other materials.

3. Build a Solid and Stable Desk

Source: Pinterest.com

Though this is not the easiest kind of DIY but it lefts you worry less and super functional and stylish desk ever! You can start it over with an old solid wood door. The desk legs are made of the three pieces of pines and glue them together for each leg. Don’t forget to create the hollow on the two of the legs to provide clever solution for electrical requirements.

4. DIY Mini Laptop Desk

Source: 100hdi.blogspot.com

First of all, cut off the piece of wood to the size of your intention. The top of the desck could be the laminated pine, while the risers and legs are made of pine.

5. Home Studio Desk

Source: Pinterest.com

First of all, you need to decide the base, which is a table top with four legs. Furthermore, you can add the additional shelves for monitor, keyboard, etc.

6. Birch and Aluminum Desk

Source: officefurniturre.com

This kind of desk aims to provide specific task, such as for spreading the maps or textbook, while operating the computer and writing on the notebook. By fulfilling this task, you need to create no nooks and crannies desk with good durability.

7. Custom-Desk

Source: ideaboz.com

First thing first, you need to decide the dimension you need to make, then purchase the wood according to those deminensions. For the base, you need two cabinets of IKEA. Place the planks on top of them and secure them right.



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