3 Super Easy Steps To Clean Granite Counter Top

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The other characteristic of granite is extremely resistant to bacteria. This is becoming an important consideration for people to make a granite as their kitchen counter material. Therefore to make it granite need to be sealed to set it as stain-resistant.

Further, don’t forget to clean the granite counter regularly and carefully. To keep them stay glossy and shine. Moreover, If you seeking the methods on how to clean granite countertops. Here’s how it will be:

1. Wipe And Make The Counter Tops Wet

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On the first steps on how to clean granite countertops. you need to wipe the surface with a combination of warm and soapy water after that you might rinse it entirely. Therefore, you can maintain a 50:50 mixture of alcohol and water. On these steps avoid using vinegar, Windex, or bleach to clean the granite surface. Their acid womb will weaken the granite sealant slowly.
Abrasive cleaner and pads also prohibited on these steps because they can scratch your granite surfaces.

Further, the good news is you don’t need any specials cleaners for granite. Water and Mild Soap will be fine on your granite.

2. Removing The Stains

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This step requires baking soda and water as the main key. Mix both of them until they create a paste. Then, scrub the stained sport with a paste and a soft cloth. After that rinse it thoroughly until the stain disappears. This process will take several tests until the stain finally gone.

When you find out a stubborn stain on the granite surface. You might follow this step to make it done. Put the paste on the spot, then cover them with plastic and wrap and tape down on the edges. Then, let it works there until the paste dries. This process could take a couple of days. Wait until the paste is dry. Then use a soft cloth to wipe it way. Then. Rinse it with warm water.

3. Make Your Granite Shine

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Further, on this step the function of cooking oil is necessary. Then, you need to put the cooking oil a little on a soft cleaning cloth then wipe it on the entire surface of the granite.

This process will make the entire counter a little bit stain-resistant than it would give a glossy shine.

In short, understand the method on how to clean granite countertops correctly will make you understand that your granite needs to be resealed periodically. Therefore if you are not going to follow the steps and instructions. It will leave the counter dull and susceptible to stains. Then, when it happened it will be better if you left for professional. I hope those tips will be work. Have a great day.

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