5 Bedroom Lighting Guides For Gorgeous Look

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Beyond making a statement in a bedroom, the right type of lighting can make a room suitable for reading, relaxing, and, of course, sleeping. Whether you choose to go bold or outfit your interior with a minimalist fixture, there’s a lighting design for you.

Click through for 5 bedroom lighting guide that you’re guaranteed to love. Let these stylish sleep spaces encourage you to kick off with a fabulous fitting instead, then allow the rest of your room to take shape around it.

1. Focal Point Bedroom Lighting

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Bedroom wall lights come in many shapes and sizes, one of which can be in the form of a sconce. This vintage style bedroom has a glamorous feel, and we love the mixture of chrome and gold pieces, which tie in beautifully with the decadent nature of this half-round light that’s created from mirrored shards. Look out for antique mirrored accessories to use with a scheme like this as they add character to a room.

2. Matching Lamp Shades

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Matching wall lights with shades are a more trad option but can be given a modern update with the color that you choose. This pair in mustard perfectly complement the rest of the look and the patterned shades work well against the plain taupe walls. Follow the color through by choosing cushions and throws in the same tone.

3. Cute Bedroom Lighting

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These cute modern wall lights cleverly placed to give direct lighting to those lying in the bed underneath! They also blend perfectly into the wall color – and that’s a great trick whatever the color wall you have. It is a good idea to choose wall lights that suit your style – so modern for a contemporary scheme and classic if you prefer that look.

4. Classic Bedroom Wall Light

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This gorgeous wall lights sophisticated and stunning. The clear glass shade enables you to see the bulb and the wall color behind. There’s a hint of an industrial feel and the finish is traditional. Because they have a decorative element visually. It can be good to keep the rest of the scheme simple and clutter-free with white linen bedding and some luxurious velvet cushions.

5. Metallic Lamp Shades

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Who doesn’t love a metallic? This copper finished wall light looks eye-catching against the navy paneled wall in this stylish bedroom. Contrasting elements create a dramatic result and this is a great example of how to pull it off. The pom cushion adds a similar splash of color that ensures the light doesn’t stand alone and the whole look has a contemporary feel but with a trad twist.

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