5 Creative Tips Reading Area For Relaxing Atmosphere

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Nothing gives a better head-start in life than fostering a love of books and reading. By creating a cozy, comfortable, and entertaining reading nook, you’ve given yourself every reason to fall in love with the world of books and reading.

Whether you’d like to hole up in a library wall, lounge against a sunny window ledge, hang in a hammock or outdoor bed, or find a unique reading space all of your own, we’ve got a spot inducing page-turning in mind. This fun and imaginative reading area tips are practically guaranteed to put little noses in books!

1. Place In a Comfortable and Supportive Chair

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A comfortable and supportive seat is the number one priority when designing a reading nook. Choose an accent chair that’s made to last. Our go-to is an upholstered armchair because it gives you plenty of space to prop your elbows up with a good book. If you like to prop your feet up, add an ottoman or pouf. Ottomans with storage are a great choice if you want a place to store extra throw blankets.

2. Provide Some Floating Shelves

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Our dream reading nook ideas include walls of built-in bookcases. In reality, we occasionally have to get creative. If you’re aspiring to create an artful reading nook, choose floating shelves. They are versatile and can be placed at different heights so you can display art and souvenirs collected while traveling. For book lovers, we suggest ladder bookcases. These tall, spacious bookcases give you tons of space to line up your favorite books.

3. End Table for Necessities

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If you have space, add an end table or garden stool to your reading nook. This way you can set out coasters for drinks, arrange an accent tray for a snack, or set up a charging station for e-readers. The more organized your space is, the more relaxed you will feel.

4. Choose Calming Colors and Soft Materials

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To bring your reading nook ideas to life, keep the calm and cozy energy going when selecting chairs and decor materials. Opt for a soft chair upholstered in velvet, linen, or suede and layer a chenille throw blanket on top. Place a soft rug in your reading nook. We love the way a sheepskin rug can visually define a reading nook and look so soft and airy.

5. Decore it 

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Reading area ideas should include simple decor. Some white space is good for letting your mind wander. We like to prop a few framed art pieces and family photos on bookshelves. If you’re a traveler, this can be a great space to curate your unique, found pieces. For an organic touch, add a few faux flowers or plants.

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