5 Easiest Ideas of DIY and Crafts for School Supplies

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As a mother, something we have to deal with daily is the kid’s boredom with school. Homework and mischievous friends are leading the list. To cheer them up and pump their energy for going to school, we may create some  DIY crafts together. Besides being easy to make, your children must love the process and the result.

Here we go.

1. The Toppers for Pens or Pencils

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The toppers can be your kid’s favorite meals or sports, such as burgers, donuts, balls, etc.

2. The personalized notebook

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This is what they use to write down their school materials. By having the personalized ones, at least they increase their interest to pick them up. You can add a picture of their idols as a cover, etc.

3. The French ‘Pencil’ Fries

Kids must live this meal. So, creating their pencil collection to look like French fries may enhance their spirit and mood.

4. The Desk Organizer

While having the desk organized, people tend to have well-organized thoughts, which means easy to study and learn something new from school.

5. The Heart Clipboard

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This is super recommended for teenagers. The shocking pink will fit perfectly. For boys, you may replace the pink heart with blue lights or balls. Just be creative and observe what your kids want and like the most.

DIY and crafts for kids must include cheerful colors to stimulate their brains to be more creative in a positive way. Besides, the bride’s colors attract their eyes better than darker shades. So a good mood will be got and going to school is not something to hate nor avoid.

While you are still confused about how to deal with a child’s boredoms, check out these tricks:

Ask your child about the activities at school. Including what they love and what they don’t; how are their friends; how is the meal, etc.

Give them your warmest hugs. It releases their stress effectively.

Discuss with the teachers.

Ask your child to have some fun by walking around the park, buying new toys, telling a story, etc.

Stay away from any gadgets while spending time with them. By getting warm and close to their parents, they may feel calmer and loved.

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